AFS® E Water Purification System

Economical and reliable solution for analyzers with daily pure water needs of up to 300 Liters


CLRW quality • Optimized purification

AFS® E systems are equipped with the best-in-class unique Elix® EDI module. It provides a superior and consistent water quality while preserving the environment. Other complementary water purification techniques such as Intelligent Reverse Osmosis controls water consumption and ensures a constant product flow rate. Water produced by the systems complies with the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute® (CLSI) guideline for clinical laboratory reagent water (CLRW). Depending on daily volume needs, different production flow rates are available (10 and 15 L/h).

Elix® EDI technology, which uses ion exchange resins that are permanently self-regenerated, helps ensure low and predictable running costs for the AFS® E range of systems. The fact that there are no resin cylinders to replace also helps reduce system-related expenses for users.
The systems are designed to fulfill accreditation needs (such as CAP™ 15189 accreditation to the ISO® 15189:2007 standard), and have full monitoring and water quality archiving capabilities that allow storage of up to six months of data. Activation of Millitrack® Essential e-Solution allows easy, rapid access to this information and also enhances data management control and provides remote system access.

User friendly & easy maintenance

Robust AFS® E systems require little maintenance, thanks to patented Elix® technology, which needs no softeners or conditioning cartridges—a cost-saving advantage that also means less analyzer downtime. Systems have a small footprint and can be installed wherever it is convenient in the laboratory: on a wall, on or under the bench, or on a cart.

Quality certificates

For full confidence in your AFS® E Essential system, it is delivered with a Certificate of Calibration for the built-in temperature and resistivity meters, and aCertificate of Conformity ensuring that it has been built and tested fully assembled following internal Standard Operating Procedures. In addition, all AFS® E Essential consumables are delivered with their Certificate of Quality. The manufacturing site is ISO® 9001 v.2000 and ISO® 140001 certified.