SDS Systems – Purified Water Storage & Distribution

Stores 200 to 350 Liters of pure water


Complete, compact systems for the storage and distribution of purified water

Compact SDS Storage and Distribution Systems are designed to store 200 to 350 liters of purified water produced by Elix® or RiOs™ systems, and to maintain consistent purity of stored water, provide effective protection against airborne contamination and distribute the purified water under pressure to multiple locations

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Storage with a difference

  • Compact design which allows any Elix® or RiOs™ system to be installed directly on top
  • Polyethylene reservoir allows for minimal release of organics
  • Conical reservoir base allows complete cleaning, draining and rinsing
  • Advanced vent filter prevents airborne contaminants such as CO2, particles, micro-organisms and volatile organic compounds from entering the reservoir
  • Hermetically sealed cover prevents unfiltered air from entering
  • Optional ASM Automatic Sanitization Module prevents bacterial growth and biofilm build-up inside the reservoir during storage
  • Distribution pump is controlled directly by the water system unit.

UV Sanitization: A sound investment for stored water purity

The Automatic Sanitization Module (ASM) is designed to prevent the growth and proliferation of bacteria and the resulting biofilm on the inner surface of storage tanks
. 10 minutes of daily UV exposure is sufficient and eliminates the need for regular chemical sanitization

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Centralized large-volume water purification projects

Centralized, large-volume water purification systems are available, producing up to 8000 liters per day, for a single laboratory, a suite of laboratories or an entire laboratory building. We provide support throughout from design and installation to preventive maintenance and validation services, working in partnership with all parties involved in a project to meet exact specifications.