A pure water solution for your essential needs


Elix® Essential delivers Type 2 water customized to fit a broad range of research areas. It is designed to be fed from potable water and is the ideal feed for any laboratory equipment, including ultrapure water systems such as Milli-Q® systems

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Elix® water • Optimized purification

To obtain Elix® pure water quality, the purification sequence has been fully optimized. The patented Elix® module (EDI technology) is combined with Progard®complete pretreatment, intelligent reverse osmosis and optional bactericidal UV lamp technologies. Depending on daily volume needs, different production flow rates are available (3, 5, 10 & 15 L/h). Only Elix® systems are equipped with the best-in-class unique Elix® module. It provides a superior and consistent water quality while preserving the environment (self-regeneration of resin beads, minimal electricity consumption and no extra softener required). Intelligent Reverse Osmosis controls water consumption, ensures a constant product flow rate and optimal water quality. All prolong the lifetime of the RO membrane and downstream purification technologies.

Pure water is stored in a polyethylene tank designed to minimize risks of contamination during water storage. The vent filter provides effective protection against airborne contaminants. The ASM, Automatic Sanitization Module, prevents biofilm formation. Water can be either sourced through the tank front valve or sent by a distribution pump to feed laboratory instruments. The Progard® cartridge incorporates RFID technology. This provides instant visibility on cartridge parameters and also ensures a safe & optimal performance of your system, giving you full traceability

User friendly & easy maintenance

With intuitive controls that simplify operation, Elix® Essential is user-friendly, and provides just the information required. A color-coded backlit LCD display clearly shows message importance with system alert and alarm icons. Elix® Essential system’s small footprint enables installation wherever it is convenient in your laboratory —on or under the bench, or on a wall. A single replaceable cartridge, an optional long-lasting UV lamp coupled with timely service alerts, allows your system to run smoothly all year long while preserving your budget. Millitrack® e-Solutions provide enhanced data management control, remote access capabilities to the system dashboard, and long-term electronic archiving for your Elix® Essential.

Quality certificates

For full confidence in your Elix® Essential system, it is delivered with a Certificate of Calibration for the built-in temperature and resistivity meters, and aCertificate of Conformity ensuring that it has been built and tested fully assembled following internal Standard Operating Procedures. In addition, all Elix®Essential consumables are delivered with their Certificate of Quality. The manufacturing site is ISO® 9001 v.2000 and ISO® 140001 certified.