Pharmaceutical industry

Cleanest water for pharmacy and cosmetics

Absolute purity and bacteria-free quality of the water are the basic requirements for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

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. No other branch of industry places such high demands on pure water
. And this is good as the purified water finds a direct way into the products themselves

How the system components and pipelines must be constructed, which materials are used to ensure the quality of the water for the production of medicines, ointments or even decorative cosmetics – all this is subject to strict conditions. In addition to complying with exacting legal requirements, our purified water system fulfil the highest customer requirements due to the core technology of Ionpure-CEDI® modules. They stand for quality, safety, profitability and a long service life. International companies in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry have known this for a long time, and have been using our solutions for years.

The world of USF Water Group

We cover a large spectrum. And as with all solutions to be optimally adapted, we adapt our products optimally to fulfil your requirements. From pre-treatment over production to storage and distribution, we offer systems to meet your needs whether it is the degree of purity of the water, from pre-treatment over pure to ultrapure water, the possibility of hot water sanitation or the quantity of water you need

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. Our innovative systems comply with the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, and excel in quality and design.