Storage and distribution:
valuable ultrapure water from the collection points

With our RingMATE system and storage tank we offer an individual solution for the storage and distribution of your ultrapure water to every point-of-use, in a way to reduce the risk of any bacteria growth or any other contamination of the water

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. Sanitization can be carried out with constant ozonisation of the storage tank or hot water. A UV unit is used as additional bacteria control

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. The ultrapure water reaches the points-of-use via an engineered distribution system.

RingMATE system

  • Distribution system
  • Skid structure
  • Fully piped with stainless steel
  • With UV unit for bacteria control
  • The aseptic double-tube heat exchanger ensures continuous cooling and optionally hot water sanitization.
  • Sanitization: alternatively with hot water or ozone
  • Single pump or optional double pump station for redundancy
  • Complete measurement and control technology included
  • Control: optionally with its own PLC and touch panel or from the production system

Storage tank

  • Made of stainless steel, electropolished optionally available
  • Pressureless version or pressure tank possible
  • Not insulated or with fully welded insulation
  • Complete measurement technology included: level sensor, safety devices such as rupture discs or safety valves, overfill/dry-run protection
  • Tank connection: with Tri-Clamp or NA-Connect

Optional: Riboflavin test (spray shading test) possible with FAT, optional