CEDI Plug-and-Play Systems

If you need a pre-finished CEDI module as a product for your water treatment, then USF Water Group is your perfect partner. We manufacture complete Plug-and-Play systems for your plant. Simply connect and produce ultrapure water – it hardly gets any simpler. Systems for the pharmaceutical industry are also available from us, naturally, available completely piped in stainless steel, and with relevant documentation (also qualification documents).

Do you require a CEDI system for your boiler feed osmosis, then our VNX systems are right for you. We can manufacture and deliver systems from 400 l/hr up to several 100 m³/h

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. We manufacture our systems with IONPURE®-LX or VNX CEDI modules
. The piping is done either in PVC or in polypropylene realized via the state-of-the-art infrared butt-fusion technology.

Pharmaceutical CEDI systems

Hot water sanitizable Chemically sanitizable
System type Product flow rate
(nominal flow rate)
System type Product flow rate
(nominal flow rate)
USFLX04HI-1: 400 l/h USFLX04X-1: 400 l/h
USFLX10HI-1: 1.100 l/h USFLX10X-1: 1.100 l/h
USFLX18HI-1: 2.000 l/h USFLX18X-1: 2.000 l/h
USFLX24HI-1: 2.800 l/h USFLX24X-1: 2.800 l/h
USFLX30HI-1: 3.300 l/h USFLX30X-1: 3.300 l/h
USFLX30HI-2: 6.600 l/h USFLX30X-2: 6.600 l/h
USFLX30HI-3: 9.900 l/h USFLX30X-3: 9.900 l/h
USFLX30HI-4: 13.200 l/h USFLX30X-4: 13.200 l/h
USFLX45HI-1: 5.100 l/h USFLX45X-1: 5.100 l/h
USFLX45HI-2: 10.200 l/h USFLX45X-2: 10.200 l/h
USFLX45HI-3: 15.300 l/h USFLX45X-3: 15.300 l/h
USFLX45HI-4: 20.400 l/h USFLX45X-4: 20.400 l/h

Technical CEDI systems

LX-Systeme VNX55EP-Systeme
System type Product flow rate
(nominal flow rate)
>System type Product flow rate
(nominal flow rate)
USFLX04Z-1: 400 l/h USFVNX28EP-1 6,2 m³/h
USFLX10Z-1: 1.100 l/h USFVNX55EP-1 12,5 m³/h
USFLX18Z-1: 2.000 l/h USFVNX55EP-2 25,0 m³/h
USFLX24Z-1: 2.800 l/h USFVNX55EP-3 37,5 m³/h
USFLX30Z-1: 3.300 l/h USFVNX55EP-4 50,0 m³/h
USFLX30Z-2: 6.600 l/h USFVNX55EP-5 62,5 m³/h
USFLX30Z-3: 9.900 l/h USFVNX55EP-6 75,0 m³/h
USFLX30Z-4: 13.200 l/h USFVNX55EP-7 87,5 m³/h
USFLX45Z-1: 5.100 l/h USFVNX55EP-8 100,0 m³/h
USFLX45Z-2: 10.200 l/h USFVNX55EP-9 112,5 m³/h
USFLX45Z-3: 15.300 l/h USFVNX55EP-10 125,0 m³/h
USFLX45Z-4: 20.400 l/h USFVNX55EP-11 137,5 m³/h