SDS 500 Storage & Distribution System


Optimal purified water storage and distribution for central systems

A key component of our total pure water solution, the SDS 500 storage and distribution system is designed to store up to 460 liters of purified water, provide effective protection against airborne contamination, and distribute the purified water under pressure to multiple locations.

Together with the Elix® High-Throughput System, SDS 500 storage tanks can be combined in compact and modular turnkey installations to meet the needs of one or several laboratories — or even an entire building.

Main features

Standard turnkey solution

  • All-in-one solution with main loop options and consumables available as part of the configuration
  • Flexible and adaptable: pump(s), inverter(s) and flow controllers adapted to a broad range of applications; distribution flow up to 40 L/min
  • Certified equipment backed by our stringent design and Quality standards

Constant water quality

  • State-of-the-art tank design: cylindrical shape with conical bottom for best drainage; optimal polyethylene tank and IR polypropylene piping construction materials to ensure high-quality storage/distribution
  • Protection of pure water quality: vent filter protects against airborne contaminants; optional filters and bactericidal UV lamps available
  • Constant velocity maintained in the loop ensuring a turbulent flow
  • Programmable automatic flush through the Elix® High-Throughput system’s MMI, to maintain water quality during weekends or other periods of long non-use

Ease of use

  • Preventive maintenance and consumables’ lifetime management with alerts and alarms on the Elix® High-Throughput screen
  • Ergonomic design to ensure easy access to consumables / accessories, and rapid replacement of consumables; sanitary sampling ports


  • Remote control provided by the Elix® High-Throughput system: easy access to SDS 500 key data (tank level measurements, preventive alerts, and consumables status) via computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Real-time data with on-line measurements
  • Connectable to a Building Management System (BMS)

Efficient storage tank accessories

To ensure optimal purity and distribution of your stored water, a range of accessories for your SDS 500 storage & distribution tank is available:

  • Automatic Sanitization Module (ASM) with 254 nm UV lamp to prevent the growth and proliferation of bacteria (optional)
  • Spray ball for cleaning purposes
  • 254 nm germicidal UV lamp for installation in the distribution loop (optional)
  • Optional Opticap® XLT20 Durapore® 0.22 μm loop filter for bacteria removal
  • Air Gap Device to protect your stored water from bacteriological contamination from the drain
  • Water Sensor for protection of your laboratory from water spillage
  • Stainless steel sanitary sampling valves (optional)

UV sanitization: A sound investment for stored water purity

The Automatic Sanitization Module (ASM) is designed to prevent the growth and proliferation of bacteria and the resulting biofilm on the inner surface of storage tanks

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Centralized large-volume water purification projects

Centralized, large-volume water purification systems are available, for a single laboratory, a suite of laboratories or an entire laboratory building . We provide support throughout from design and installation to preventive maintenance and validation services, working in partnership with all parties involved in a project to meet exact specifications.