Tap water doesn’t always meet the requirements for the highest purity since increasing pollution and waste water pollution can contaminate it

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. Although the European Drinking Water Ordinance sets out threshold values for certain substances, pollution from heavy metals, hormones, nitrates, chlorine or even radioactive substances can nevertheless very often be documented in water. The water mains system also significantly influences the quality of the water, so that lead or copper ions as well as biological contaminations may get into the drinking water. Ever more health-conscious individuals are therefore relying on the use of modern water filters for the household, which treat and purify the tap water

. Choosing the right water filter depends on a variety of factors: special iron or lime filters may be used both in detached houses and apartment buildings. Systems which work using the reverse osmosis process produce drinking water of the greatest purity right in the kitchen

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. In addition, drinking water can be purified using ion exchangers or through chemical disinfection. Our experts will be happy to help you choose the right water treatment system for your household.

USF offers softener units which are optimally designed to the needs of the particular household. The systems, which are operated by means of a central control valve, are available in two different models: in the cabinet model, the softener vessel is integrated into the brine tank in order to save space, in the separated model, the softener vessel is located next to the brine tank.
In addition, you can choose between time and volume controlled system variants: for the time-controlled systems, the recovery occurs once a specified amount of time has passed, for example after three days, or at a precisely specified point in time, such as a 3 o’clock in the morning. For the volume-controlled system, recovery begins – also after a pre-defined period of time – once a specified volume has flowed out. The volume depends on the hardness of the feed water and the size of the system.

The pipes are made of PVC-U plastic or are high-pressure hoses. Optional pre-filters and post-filters are available with a variety of separation rates.