The USF filter systems function by means of cartridge filtration or on the basis of a multimedia filter, and purify up to several hundred cubic metres per hour, with potential filtration of up to 5 µm. They are controlled with the help of central control valves or – particularly in large systems – by means of PLC and single valve operation

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. For the piping materials, we rely on plastics (PVC, PP, PVDF) or stainless steel, and the filter vessels are also optionally available in stainless steel.

Activated carbon filters, which purify small volumes as well as anything up to several hundred cubic metres of water per hour, are used for chlorine removal. Here too, the controls function via central control valves or PLC with single valve operation. Patented UV systems with UV sensors measure the UV transmission and UV intensity. With UV treatment, up to 100% of chlorine is removed from the water. UV sterilisation reduces bacteria to the value of 106, i.e. for a supply with 1,000,000 CFU/ml, the value after sterilisation is just 1 CFU/ml.

Special filter stations are used for iron and manganese removal. Here too, both small volumes and several hundred cubic metres per hour can be purified. They are controlled by means of central control valves or – for large systems – through PLC and single valve operation. We use plastics (PVC, PP, PVDF) or stainless steel for the piping, and the filter vessels are also available in stainless steel