Piping technologies

Stainless steel orbital welding: We weld pipes up to a diameter of 160 millimetres orbitally
. Alongside an orbital welding turntable which can support fittings weighing up to 250 kilograms, an Olympus video endoscope, an oxygen analyser and a delta-ferrite analyser are used in our production hall. Our many years of experience make us experts in the field of orbital welding procedures.

Plastic: We use a variety of welding processes for plastics: we glue PVC for simple applications, for polypropylene we rely on socket fusion welding technology or – particularly when dealing with highly sensitive areas of application – on infrared butt-fusion welding technology, for which we have one of the few machines in use in Austria right on site. We weld polyethylene and PVDF; by means of so-called BCF technology (BCF = bead and crevice free) for the latter type of plastic where necessary

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