High flow Type 1 ultrapure water


Ultrapure water quality on demand

Super-Q® Plus System is a high-flow water system designed to provide the “final polish” to water which has been pretreated by reverse osmosis, distillation or deionization. Super-Q® Plus systems consistently produce ultrapure water quality which exceeds Type 1 ASTM/CAP/CLSI specifications.

The Super-Q® Plus water system features a modular design for the production of ultrapure water. It has an hourly automatic recirculation of water to maintain water quality between uses. Because Super-Q® water is produced “on demand”, there is no need to store water and risk degrading its quality over time.


  • Tissue culture media preparation
  • Reagent preparation
  • Microelectronics wafer rinsing
  • Microbiological buffer and media preparation

Cartridge selection guide

Prefiltration Milligard® Cartridge – High retention membrane filter cartridge removes high particle loads from feed water.
Organic removal Super-C™ Cartridge – Activated carbon cartridge for highly efficient removal of organics using unique dry-packed carbon.
Inorganic removal Ion-Ex® Cartridge – Mixed bed nuclear grade ion exchange cartridge for highly efficient removal of inorganic ions.
Trace organic removal Organex-Q® Cartridge – Unique mixture of ion-exchanged resins and synthetic activated carbon for removal of trace organics.
Bacteria/particle removal Durapore® Cartridge – Durapore® membrane cartridge for the removal of all material larger than pore size of 0.22 μm.