IONPURE-CEDI modules serve for the continuous desalination of reverse osmosis permeates. The modules consist of a membrane pack with special ion-selective exchange membranes for the segregation of the desalination chamber from the reject stream. The product and reject chambers are filled with mixed-bed ion exchanger resin. Two special electrodes are fitted to generate the electrical field


Depending upon the configuration and pre-treatment, product conductivities of 0.055 µS/cm (=18.2 MΩ.cm) can be achieved. The capacity range starts at 30 litres / hour and finishes at over 100 m³/hour.

  • MX Module: especially for applications with small flow rates, i.e

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    . for laboratory equipment (MX-Module)

  • LX-HI Module: especially for the pharmaceutical industry, sanitizable with hot water, from 200 l/h up to 7.600 l/h (LX-Module)
  • LX-X Module: also for the pharmaceutical industry, but only sanitizable chemically, from 200 l/h up to 7.600 l/h (LX-Module)
  • LX-Z Module: especially for the technical industry (i.e. boiler feed, printing works, from 200 l/h up to 7.600 l/h (LX-Module)
  • VNX Module: our high-volume modules, especially developed for power station applications, 18.000 l/h (maximum flow rate) (VNX Module)

Do you need a pre-finished CEDI-Module for your water treatment? Please contact us, we manufacture complete Plug-and-Play skids for your plant. Simply connect and start producing pure water – it could hardly be simpler

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. We also supply skids for the pharmaceutical industry, these are, naturally, completely piped in stainless steel and available with the relevant documentation (also qualification documents). Do you need a CEDI-System for your boiler feed osmosis, then our VNX systems are right for you: we can manufacture and deliver systems from 12 m³/hour up to 100 m³/hour (CEDI SKIDS).

Learn, how a CEDI module is working: