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. Made in Austria.

The USF Water Group is pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic agreement with WHITEWATER as our exclusive distributor for Ireland and United Kingdom.

We are confident that our partnership within these countries will provide the Pharmaceutical and General Industry sectors innovative systems, offering state of the art technology to guarantee performance and quality in water purification with local support.

WHITEWATER was founded in 1932, offering innovative solutions for water purification with a focus on quality and reliability

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. Whitewater provides Engineering Design, Project Management and the Technical Service support expertise to ensure that all systems function at peak efficiency.

Please contact Brian Farrell / Eoin Gilsenan for any inquiries about our USF products in Ireland or the United Kingdom.

Tel: +353 (0)1 2768468
Mail: info@whitewaterireland.ie

We are very proud to announce that the USF Water Group has been awarded a contract for two Softened Water Systems with a capacity of 5 m³/h each

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. The contract from a German pharmaceutical customer includes two DuplexSOFT 800 water softener with single valve operation, made completely in stainless steel

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. The USF Water Group will provide also the internal resin traps in stainless steel – manufactured of course by USF. The softener can be chemically sanitized and is working in duplex mode
. The unit is equipped with the unique hardness monitor SofTEC by USF, which doesn’t need any consumables like titration liquids.

The completion and delivery of the water treatment unit is scheduled for November 2018.

We are proud to present you our new softener station UltiSOFT 5200 with a production rate of 54 m³/h

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. Take a look at the further technical details:

• Multiway operation with individual-valve-control

• Volume-controlled, optionally quality-controlled by USF hardness sensors

• Control of the regeneration is done with conductivity sensors to optimize the necessary amount of brine and also the necessary amount of rinsing water

• Piping done in PVC-U, bypass-piping in stainless steel AISI 316L

• Resin traps can be optionally delivered completely made of stainless steel AISI316 manufactured by the USF Water Group

• PLC: Siemens S7-1500 PLC with 15” comfort panel, remote access possible via VPN connection independently from the customer network

Another success for our Hungarian subsidiary

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. It´s always a pleasure for us to see, how contented our customers are! The best example is one of our customers, who has now purchased a second unit from USF Water Hungary.

The previous unit was delivered last year and it´s a so called hybrid system: a combination of nanofiltration and reverse osmosis for feeding cooling towers

. This hybrid system enables us to achieve very high quality in water purification, but also works at a low operating pressure. So you can decrease your operating costs by a multiple. The production rate of the unit is 3 m³/h.

Currently we are constructing two new Purified Water systems for an Austrian pharmaceutical customer with a capacity of 20 m³/h for each one of them

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. The contract includes two PW systems UltiMATE 20000 HW with a capacity of 20.000 l/h each, two UltiSOFT 3000 water softener with single valve operation and a central brine make-up unit. The softener and RO/CEDI can be sanitized using hot water, in which each softener can be sanitized separately from each other
. The softener unit UltiSOFT is equipped with the unique hardness monitor SofTEC by USF, which doesn’t need any consumables like titration liquids.

As shown on the pictures below the building process of our new units has been very successful and we are looking forward for the finalization of our project.

As we announced some weeks ago we managed a huge contract with an Austrian customer and the delivery finally scheduled this week

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. We delivered a whole water treatment system for cooling water supply and air humidification. The system consists of a softener station UltiSOFT 5200 with 54 m³/h production rate, a RO system TechMATE 35000-S7 with 35 m³/h production rate, two 15 m³ PP storage tanks and two booster pump stations.

We are glad to say that there has been no delay or any other complications

. Furthermore we have managed to sell two complete semitrailers for Boehringer Ingelheim in Vienna. On the following picture you can see how the process of the delivery has taken place.

Check out our new teaser

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. You can see the finished PW system OptiMATE 750 with the fully hot water sanitizable softener station BioSOFT 160 MW/HW

. Each softener column can be independently sanitized from the other one – this means you still can produce PW while sanitizing one softener

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. Included in the project was also the distribution skid RingMATE and a pure steam generator from Steris.

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We want to thank our customers and suppliers for the good cooperation and for your trust in the USF Water Group.

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It is already the second USF unit for this customer and includes the Purified Water unit UltiMATE 4000 NHW with a production rate for 4 m³/h and the distribution unit RingMATE 1C-O3. The softener station BioSOFT MW is executed in multi-way operation and is quality controlled

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. The softener unit is equipped with the unique hardness monitor SofTEC by USF, which doesn’t need any consumables like titration liquids. The pre-treatment BioSOFT and the UltiMATE system are fully-automatic chemically sanitizable.

The distribution skid RingMATE includes the hardware and software for the second PW loop and the software for an existing PW loop
. Both loops will have an online TOC meter each.

The delivery is scheduled for middle/end of June 2018.

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