Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

In no other branch of industry are the requirements for water quality as high as in the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry – absolute water purity and sterility are basic prerequisites here. The water thus prepared in various qualities – purified water (PW), highly purified water (HPW) and water for injections (WFI) – finds its way into the pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. It is used in the production of tablets, dietary supplements and ointments, in creams and decorative cosmetics or is used in the cleaning processes for the production systems.

How the system components and pipes need to be designed, which materials should be used in order to ensure the quality of the water – this is all subject to strict requirements. And that’s where we come in: with complete water treatment systems – based on the core technology of Ionpure CEDI® modules –which ensure product quality, process reliability and efficiency and guarantee a long service life.