OptiMATE range

All water treatment systems in the OptiMATE range produce purified water (Aqua Purificata) using a combination of reverse osmosis and CEDI module. The guidelines meet European pharmacopeia and the American USP pharmacopeia.

An overview of our OptiMATE models:

OptiMATE 200: production output of 200 l/h at 15°C
OptiMATE 500: production output of 500 l/h at 15°C
OptiMATE 1000: production output of 1,000 l/h at 15°C
OptiMATE 1500: production output of 1,500 l/h at 15°C
OptiMATE 2000: production output of 2,000 l/h at 15°C
OptiMATE 2500: production output of 2,500 l/h at 15°C
OptiMATE 3000: production output of 3,000 l/h at 15°C
OptiMATE 4000: production output of 4,000 l/h at 15°C

The standard model in the OptiMATE range:

  • The systems are entirely executed with stainless steel piping.
  • The water treatment process occurs through reverse osmosis, the systems can be sanitised using hot water.
  • The controls are based on Siemens PLC with a 12″ touch screen.
  • Hot water sanitisation occurs completely automatically at the press of a button.
  • Heating functions either with the help of an electrical heater or through steam and heat exchangers.

Additional options for the OptiMATE range:

  • Membrane degasser or sodium hydroxide dosing are used for CO2 removal.
  • Activated carbon, sodium bisulfite dosing or the latest UV technology are used for the removal of free chlorine.
  • Siemens remote maintenance with a secure VPN connection guarantees servicing and help around the clock.
  • Larger touch screen display dimensions are optionally available.

The OptiMATE models have the USF OptiSOFT softener station for pre-treatment of the water. The softeners are operated in parallel: in this manner, both softener vessels are continuously traversed and bacterial contamination problems are prevented. The piping in the softener station is likewise entirely made from stainless steel and can be sanitised using hot water together with the OptiMATE system. The softeners are volume-controlled, both quality control and UltiSOFT softener units (with single valve operation) are optionally available.