EcoMATE range

The models of the EcoMATE water treatment system produce purified water (Aqua Purificata) using a combination of reverse osmosis and CEDI module. The guidelines meet European pharmacopeia and the American USP pharmacopeia.

An overview of our EcoMATE models:

EcoMATE 500: production output of 500 l/h at 15°C
EcoMATE 1000: production output of 1.000 l/h at 15°C
EcoMATE 2000: production output of 2.000 l/h at 15°C
EcoMATE 4000: production output of 4.000 l/h at 15°C
EcoMATE 6000: production output of 6.000 l/h at 15°C
EcoMATE 8000: production output of 8.000 l/h at 15°C
EcoMATE 10000: production output of 10.000 l/h at 15°C
EcoMATE 12000: production output of 12.000 l/h at 15°C
EcoMATE 15000: production output of 15.000 l/h at 15°C
EcoMATE 20000: production output of 20.000 l/h at 15°C

The standard model in the EcoMATE range:

  • Pre-filtration has PVC-U pipes.
  • The high pressure side is realised in stainless steel.
  • From the output to reverse osmosis, infrared butt-fusion welding technology in polypropylene is used.
  • The reverse osmosis and CEDI can be chemically disinfected.
  • The controls are based on Siemens PLC with a 9″ touch screen.

Additional options for the EcoMATE range:

  • The piping from the output to reverse osmosis is optionally available in stainless steel.
  • Membrane degasser or sodium hydroxide dosing are used for CO2 removal.
  • Activated carbon, sodium bisulfite dosing or the latest UV technology are used for the removal of free chlorine.
  • Siemens remote maintenance with a secure VPN connection guarantees servicing and help around the clock.
  • Larger touch screen display dimensions are optionally available.

The EcoMATE models have the USF EcoSOFT softener station for pre-treatment of the water. The softeners are operated in parallel: in this manner, both softener vessels are continuously traversed and bacterial contamination problems are prevented. The piping in the softener station is made from PVC-U, other pipe materials are available. The softeners can be chemically disinfected and are volume-controlled, quality control is optionally available.