POD-Paks: Water Quality to Match All Your Application Needs

Do you use Milli-Q® water and perform a variety of applications in your lab? You’ll find that our range of application POD-Paks is the perfect solution. Each of the POD-Pak polishers targets specific types of contaminants and removes them right at the Q-POD® dispenser.

The POD-Pak range includes:

  • Millipak® & sterile Millipak® Gold: 0.22 µm filters for bacteria-free and particulate-free water
  • Biopak®: pyrogen-, nuclease-, protease- and bacteria-free water
  • VOC-Pak®: water for volatile organic compounds-related analyses
  • EDS-Pak®: water for endocrine disruptor-related applications
  • LC-Pak®: water for ultra trace organic-sensitive applications.

With the appropriate Application-Pak installed, your Milli-Q® IQ 7000 will provide water suitable for most of the analytical techniques used in the laboratory, including:

MALDI-ToF-MS Particle Analysis
IC Surface Tension
ICP Spectrophotometry

In addition, specific Application-Paks are available for use with life sciences applications, such as:

Cell Culture PCR
Western Blotting Sequencing
Dissolution Testing Proteomics
Spectroscopy Genomics
Immunoassays Microbiology

New Application Pod-Paks features:

  • An e-Sure tag, for indispensable data traceability.
  • Thanks to their e-Sure tag, all consumables’ status can now be monitored on the Q-POD® screen. Consumables’ data and the events throughout their life are automatically recorded in the system’s memory.
  • An ergonomic pack locker and protective bell — for easy “snap-into-place” installation.

Tip: If you need several types of ultrapure water, simply connect up to four Q-POD® dispensers to your system, each with a different POD-Pak.