We put the emphasis on knowledgeable all-round care for our customers and have developed the "USF care package"



USF Water Purification has successfully completed the FAT for a Purified Water System EcoMATE 3500 for a major Croatian pharmaceutical customer.  >>>


USF Water Purification has been awarded a contract to manufacture a complete Purified Water System with a capacity of 8 m/h for a major Austrian pharmaceutical company.  >>>


As a specialist in water treatment systems, we convince with system solutions of the highest quality. We are the only Austrian company to provide purified water treatment systems for the pharmaceuticals industry, as well as a distribution partner for Merck Millipore and a master service provider for IONPURE® – and we are aware of this leading role: we think ahead! We are thus continually expanding our decades of expertise – for example through our demand for perfection and our great innovation and service philosophy.

The focus is on the needs of our customers from all leading branches of industry around the world, such as the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry, food and beverage production, or the power and heating industry. Our systems are "ready to run", meaning that they are finished in our factory in Lower Austria and reach our customers pre-assembled, guaranteeing quick and easy commissioning on site. Alongside the design and functionality of our systems, our customers benefit from outstanding support services which are combined in the "USF care package". We thus set standards all along the line every day.